Become A Mentor

Give back and volunteer with The Kids Network by becoming a positive role model.


Volunteer With The Kids Network in London

Mentoring has never been so important; join The Kids Network today.

Due to the increased social isolation and loneliness caused by Covid-19 measures, now, more than ever, meaningful connections and support are needed for vulnerable children who are cut off from their world, and normality. That is why we need you to become an online mentor today.

You will be trained and assisted to provide safe and engaging phone and online mentoring each week. Sessions will take place weekly, over the phone and via a messaging service, and over the course of the next four months.

Whether you’re playing games or discussing goals, you’ll be making a difference to a child’s life by building their confidence, resilience and developing the tools to manage feelings for a positive future. You’ll have lots of fun, learn new skills and be giving something back in this strange time we are living through.!

Do you think you can be a positive role model for them? If so, fill out the application form below.

For more information, please email the team at