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Give back and volunteer with The Kids Network by becoming a positive role model.


Volunteer With The Kids Network in London

Mentoring has never been so important; join The Kids Network today.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a mentor with The Kids Network. We greatly appreciate our volunteer mentors’ time, energy and commitment to making a different to a child’s life. Come on this journey with us. Let’s start connecting for change.

You will be trained and assisted to provide safe, fun and engaging mentoring. Sessions will be weekly and will last between 1-3 hours over the course of 1 year. You will focus on the individual needs of the child, supporting them during a crucial stage in their social and emotional development.

Whether you’re playing games or discussing goals, you’ll be making a difference to a child’s life by building their confidence, resilience and developing the tools for a positive future. You’ll get to learn new things about yourself and develop your skills and connections through our peer mentoring network.

As we are slowly transitioning out of Covid 19 Lockdown measures, our mentoring service will reflect that. This means that for the first part of your mentoring journey, you may be doing a mixture of phone call and messaging based mentoring/ face-to-face mentoring. However, as government guidance is changing, we hope to be able to transition all mentors to full face-to-face mentoring within the next few months.

Do you think you can be a positive role model for them? If so, fill out the application form below.

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