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The Kids Network was founded in 2016 because of a huge need; the twinned problems of accelerated gentrification next to stark inequality of wealth and opportunity.

This has challenged the cohesiveness of our communities, particularly in London.

We are a society of hyper connected yet isolated human beings living side by side. London’s neighbourhoods are transforming drastically and our communities are changing too with children being left behind, often unheard and overlooked.

Our Founder, Sarah, a born and bred Londoner, felt passionately that there was a solution, a very simple way to bridge the divide and bring back the human in connection.

She wanted to build and inspire a new generation of change makers to channel their energy for good, to pay it forward and give the gift of time through mentoring. Sarah became a mentor herself and experienced London through a child’s eyes, fuelling her passion for support for children at an early stage in their life.

The Kids Network was founded to support wellbeing, increase belonging and most importantly create fun for those excluded.

Since 2016, The Kids Network will have provided almost 1,000 little Londoners with volunteer mentors and provided them with life changing experiences. There is still more to do, so play your part, come on the journey with us and let’s start connecting for change.

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